Slaughter Chickens

Slaughter Chickens at Home

The goal of those owners who keep poultry or animals on the farm is often to obtain high-quality and tasty meat. It is not necessary to invite a specially trained person to kill the chicken. Temporary installation, rules, it is really possible to slaughter chickens on your own. From our article, you will learn how to slaughter a chicken, remove feathers and butcher a carcass.

Poultry preparationMany breeders with little practical experience are interested in how to properly prepare a bird for slaughter. Those individuals that are planned to be slaughtered soon need to be kept separate from the rest of the livestock. Feeding must be stopped one day before the slaughter of chickens is carried out. But water must be present in the drinker. It is needed so that, thanks to the accelerated metabolic processes, the remains of food leave the bird’s body.

Drinking water is also important for maintaining body weight. Otherwise, the meat may become dehydrated. And this will negatively affect its quality and taste. A natural laxative that many breeders offer their pets before killing a chicken is Glauber’s salt. It must first be diluted with water. It is also common to keep the house lights on overnight to stimulate rapid food processing and release.

Slaughter technique

How to hack a chicken? It would seem like a simple question, the answer to which is not known to every poultry owner. Chopping off a chicken’s head is best done with a large cleaver. You can also cut your throat with a sharp knife. This method not only does not give the bird unnecessary torment, since it dies quickly, but is also suitable if the meat is used up in the near future. Because when I kill a bird or any breeder does, deep open wounds form in the throat. Contamination of meat as a result of its long-term storage is not excluded. Which is dangerous for human health.

Experienced poultry owners advise to first stun it with a blunt object, and then insert a knife into the beak. This method is often used in poultry farms. It is believed that this way the blood flows out of the carcasses faster, and the meat products in the future have a normal appearance and taste.At home, you need to use a thin, sharp knife or scissors that have a long cutting base. The head of an adult should be turned towards you and held with your left hand. The knife must be inserted into the beak, where it falls into the jugular veins junction with the bridge. An incision is made, the blade turns in its direction. After this method, plucking can be done easily, since the muscles will already be relaxed. Further, the bird must be hung upside down, leaving it for a while so that the blood flows out.

At home, slaughter technologies such as one-sided and external two-sided are popular. When choosing the one-sided method, the head and beak of the selected bird should be held with a fist. Next, a neat incision is made in the cerebellar region. It should be about 2 cm in size. If the two-way method is chosen, it should be pierced slightly below the place where the earlobe is. The incision is usually about one and a half centimeters long. The jugular veins and carotid arteries are cut.

Whichever method you choose, after the procedure, do not forget to hang the bird to drain the blood by placing a cotton swab in its beak.

Removing feathers

To pluck a bird easily, you need to wait until it is completely exsanguinated. It is recommended to remove feathers starting from those areas where the tail and wings are located. Further, there is a release from the feather cover of the back, chest and thighs. Since the skin is delicate at this time, to avoid damaging it, you need to pluck it with little effort. But in moderation, and do not remove many feathers at a time. Removal is always carried out along the growth of feathers. To facilitate this process, experienced breeders pre-scald the carcass. To do this, it must be placed in boiling water, the temperature of which is no more than 54 degrees. The duration of the procedure is only 1 minute.


Before you start cutting the carcass, you need to burn it over a fire or burner. At home, such manipulations are advised to be carried out in an open space. Evisceration involves cutting off the head. Then a deep incision is made in the bird’s cloaca. After removal of the intestines and all internal organs, the carcass must be washed well and wiped dry.

This is the final stage. After it, the resulting meat can normally be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days. In frozen form, such a carcass can lie for no more than six months. To do everything right, it is recommended not only to read articles on the topic that interests you, but also to watch a video, where it is shown in detail and told about all the details of the process.